Volume Filter VF12
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The 3P Technik VF12 volume filter is the ideal rainwater filter choice for large commercial and industrial rainwater harvesting installations. The VF12 provides an incredibly efficient, low maintenance, cost effective solution for filtering a roof area of up to 62,000 square feet. Additionally, the VF 12 provides a higher efficiency rating at a greater variety of flow rates than standard vortex filter technology, which only operates effectively at a narrow range of flow rates. 

How it works:

1. The incoming rainwater is backed up and is then equally distributed across the cascades = principle of overflow

2. Pre cleaning through the cascades, coarse dirt particles are led across the primary filter cascades directly to the sewer

3. Pre-filtered water then flows over the secondary filter sieve, due to the special mesh structure of the sieve, any dirt is led directly into the sewer, therefore low maintenance intervals

4. Cleaned water is led into the cistern

5. Dirt goes to the sewer

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Volume Filter VF12

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