3P Technik Noblesse Rain Water Tank in Sandstone
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The 3P Technik Noblesse’s unique modern design makes it the ideal water tank for use in urban spaces. It’s compact design boasts a capacity of 71 gal. Available in three attractive colors and with a removable lid - the Noblesse is a very versatile water tank with modern look vs. the rustic look of a rain barrel. The high quality rota molded design has three inset brass connection points for attaching a tap and linking tanks together. The Noblesse can be filled with rainwater by using a 3P Filter Collector. Water can be extracted through an attached tap (included), or using the side outlets.


  • Child proof lid
  • Includes brass spigot
  • Made of food quality polyethylene
  • German made, high quality construction
  • UV protection from sunlight
  • Links to other barrels/tanks for increased capacity
  • Reduce water costs and the strain on water consumption
  • Provide your plants with natural rain water
  • Item #: 9000355

3P Technik Noblesse Rain Water Tank in Sandstone

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