3P Technik Maurano Rain Water Tank in Sandstone
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Unlike a typical rain barrel the 3P Technik Maurano Rainwater Tank has an authentic stone wall effect appearance. It holds a impressive capacity of 80 gal. of rainwater. The water is fed through a side inlet - 3P Technik Filter Collector recommended for filtrated supply of water. Perfect for decks, patio and decorative environments. Price includes a custom brass tap. Rain Harvest with style, large capacity with removable top.


  • Stone wall effect decoration
  • Includes brass spigot
  • German made, high quality construction
  • Links to other barrels/tanks for increased capacity
  • Reduce water costs and the strain on water consumption
  • Item #: 9000375

3P Technik Maurano Rain Water Tank in Sandstone

Price: $553.00
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