3P Technik Little Tree Rain Water Tank in Light Brown
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Unlike a typical rain barrel, the 3P Technik Little Tree has a design of a unique rainwater tank styled from an old German Oak tree trunk. A highly realistic finish was obtained through a special weather-proofing treatment of the PE material; it’s so realistic it’s hard to separate from the original. With a moderate volume of 250 l or 66 gal. you have an excellent rainwater supply for small sized gardens. The 3P Rainwater Tank “Little Tree” has two 3/4 in. BSP connections and one on the front, where a water tap can be screwed in and one as a side outlet for emptying the tank in winter periods or to inter-connect several tanks. There is a child safety lock integrated within the lid.


  • Blends in with surrounding foliage
  • Includes brass spigot
  • Made of food quality polyethylene
  • German made, high quality construction
  • UV protection from sunlight
  • Links to other barrels/tanks for increased capacity
  • Reduce water costs and the strain on water consumption
  • Provide your plants with natural rain water
  • Item #: 9000735

3P Technik Little Tree Rain Water Tank in Light Brown

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