3P Overflow Siphon MONO
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Overflow Siphon, with rodent and odor barrier, produces a skimming effect on tank water surface from chamfered inlet slots. All 3P Siphons promote the best possible tank water quality. Adequate overflow is essential for optimum tank water quality, so that the water remains fresh. How it works - As the tank water level rises, the water flows over the skimmer siphon inlet into the sewer. Any floating materials are skimmed off via the chamfered slots. The surplus water with the pollen is led out of the rainwater tank.


  • Food grade high quality polyethylene construction
  • With rodent barrier
  • Accepts high volume of water flow
  • Skims the top of water in rainwater tanks
  • Item #: 4000250

3P Overflow Siphon MONO

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