10 in. Calmed Inlet
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The Calming Inlet performs several functions that are imperative to maintaining a high quality of water within your rainwater harvesting cistern. The calming inlet acts as a mosquito barrier by creating a water trap between the inlet pipe and the tank preventing mosquito entry into the tank. Additionally, the calming inlet helps to introduce oxygen into the cistern water - helping to prevent stagnation. Perhaps most importantly, the calming inlet prevents any sediment bed from being disturbed. The calming inlet broadcasts the water up into the tank rather than allowing it to splash down. By keeping the sediment bed intact you help to improve the life of your pump since it will not be sucking up sediment, provided that a floating extractor is used. Additionally, when the sediment bed begins to break down it forms a small septic layer that helps to further improve water quality.


  • Made of food quality polyethylene
  • German made, high quality construction
  • UV protection from sunlight
  • Reduce water costs and the strain on water consumption
  • Item #: 4000160

10 in. Calmed Inlet

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